Time, our most precious asset. We fill them with moments that become our treasured memories. It is our deepest pleasure to dedicate our time working tirelessly towards solutions so you can have more of that time with the ones you love. The right kind of time. The times to remember. Amylex, it's about time.

It's about time.

Introducing BETACLEAR, the First FDA Approved Beta-Amyloid Reduction Medical Device in the World

A newly FDA-approved procedure proposes to remove soluble beta-amyloids in their various harmful stages through a novel approach that revolves around a synthetic molecule that need not enter the human body. BETACLEAR is the first commercially approved rapid beta-amyloid extraction and detoxification procedure in the world.

Amylex CEO Presents at TEDx Lyceum 2018

Amylex’s CEO, Mr. Rogelio “Vonz” Santos, Jr., shares the journey and continuous research of Amylex to develop a “new weapon” that can contribute in the fight against Alzheimer’s. The event was hosted by Lyceum Philippines University on April 2018. Mr. Santos discusses new insights in the field of Alzheimer’s research, the origins and concepts behind BETACLEAR®, and the research behind the link between Alzheimer’s and diabetes. He also discusses Amylex’s unique research and treatment strategy utilizing disease pathology intervention models to detect and address Alzheimer’s at an earlier stage of its development.

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