Life science is about life.

Over ten years ago, an innovation in medical science was quietly being studied and developed. It was an innovation born from nano-molecular science that had the unique ability of interacting with a protein in the body linked to the root cause of Alzheimer's Disease. The result is a powerful technology to stop the progression of this debilitating and highly prevalent disease that currently affects over 35 million people worldwide. Today, Amylex is on the verge of releasing this medical break through to the world.
It's a race against time, not competitors.

The likelihood of developing Alzheimer's Disease increases substantially after the age of 70 and may affect upwards of 50% of persons over 85. There is currently no cure for this disease with several drugs on the market designed to temporarily address some of its symptoms. After a certain point, mental deterioration begins to accelerate in a matter of months. The faster we release our medical solutions into the market, the more we can save from further decline.
Investing in Amylex means working together

Amylex is proud to be a grassroots company. Many individuals have come together from around the world to become a private investor in Amylex. We are thankful to these individuals and extend our thanks to the many industry professionals that have joined our team. These include leading industry personalities and former executives of companies such as Wyeth, Pfizer and CitiFinancials along with prominent members of the Alzheimer's Association and Dementia Society. We invite you to learn more and become part of the Amylex family.
A Global Concern, A Global Strategy

Many of the world's most devastating diseases are not isolated to one place but rather impact the global population. To those suffering from these diseases, time is of the essence. A global and urgent concern deserves a broad and timely strategy. Amylex is committed to delivering high impact medical solutions to the patients that need it around the globe. There are many challenges along the way. Fortunately, we have deployed a global strategy to ensure a successful path towards testing and releasing our products in the most efficient manner possible.
Novel Technology, Safe Science.

What if it was possible to deliver disease-modifying solutions with absolute minimal side-effect risk to the patients? We believe it is possible. While Amylex is proud of its innovative science, we believe the patients will benefit and also appreciate the care the company has taken to develop safe methods to reduce adverse-effects that so many other drugs are known for.